MVE CryoShipper Series

Chart MVE CryoShipper Series

The Chart MVE CryoShipper Series is designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures of -150°C or colder.

The MVE CryoShipper Series comes standard with advanced QWick technology that absorbs liquid nitrogen and charges the CryoShippers in under two hours. Manufactured from lightweight durable aluminum these containers offer dry, spill-free vapour shipping which allows them to be sent with a ‘non-hazardous’ classification anywhere in the world. This simplifies courier requirements, decreases shipping costs and improves sample viability over alternatives like shipping on dry ice. Protective shipping containers are optional and specially designed to keep the shipper in an upright position which is important for maintaining the cryogenic charge (not available for the SC 20/12V model).

  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption rates
  • Convenient lightweight package
  • Advanced QWick technology allows for charging in under 2 hours
  • Optional protective shipping container to ensure shipper stays upright

MVE Cryogenic Vapour Shipper CryoShipper Specs

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