MVE Vario Series

Chart MVE Vario Series

The Chart MVE Vario Series is a perfect alternative for mechanical ultra-low temperature freezers.

Utilizing an innovative heat exchange system that runs on liquid nitrogen, the Vario Series Freezer is able to maintain a user defined temperature (+/- 5°C) anywhere between -20°C and -150°C.  This environmentally friendly freezer can accommodate up to 81,900 2.0 ml vials.

The Vario Series offers many distinct advantages over traditional ultra-low mechanical freezers and a significant operating cost savings. It operates on just 1% of the electricity of a mechanical freezer and can result in an overall decrease in operating costs by up to 70%.

There are significant sample security and stability advantages with the Vario freezers.  With traditional -80°C mechanical freezers internal temperature will increase so drastically if the door is open for just 3 minutes that sample temperature can increase by as much as 10°C. In comparison the Vario series offers consistent internal temperatures even when the lid is open. It also offers much longer hold times than traditional ultra-low mechanical freezers. For instance, if the liquid nitrogen supply is removed or interrupted it will take 4 days for the internal temperature to rise from -80°C to -60°C. In contrast if the power supply is removed from a mechanical freezer it will warm up by the same amount in just 6 hours.

  • Approximately 70% operating cost savings compared to leading mechanical freezers (-80°C)
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the freezer, even with lid open
  • No thermal load, no heat introduced into room which removes the necessity for additional HVAC system
  • Environmentally Friendly: less than 1% power consumption compared to leading ultra-low mechanical freezers, zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, no ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants
  • Dry storage area
  • Convertible, can be retrofitted to become a -190°C liquid nitrogen vapour phase cryogenic freezer

Chart MVE1800 Vario Specs

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