Sample Types

We store a variety of sample types

We store a variety of sample types for a number of research institutes, biopharm companies, cell/tissue banks and hospital operations.

Samples are stored in tanks specific to the sample type and separated into the following categories by tank: clinical grade storage, human research storage, animal research storage, cell line specific storage, and private tanks. All storage requests are reviewed in accordance with our acceptance policies.

No Infectious or Positive Samples are Permitted.

Typical sample types include:

  1. Cell Lines
  2. Cord Blood Stem Cells
  3. Organ / Tissue Samples
  4. Whole Blood
  5. Plasma
  6. Buffy Coat
  7. Lymphocytes
  8. Red Blood Cells
  9. Saliva
  10. Urine


Typically, inventory is barcode labeled and tracked to the box level.  Cross reference tables complete with unique identifiers are prepared in advance of initial deposits. Participant or donor information and sample testing or characterization results remain with the client at all times.  Samples are essentially anonymous while stored at Core. Principle investigators and researchers are assured complete privacy and confidentiality.

All deposits, withdrawals and transfers are recorded manually and entered into Core Cryolab’s inventory management system.

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