Research and Pharma

We ship for the pharma and research industries

Our large fleet of cryogenic vapour shippers gives us the capacity and flexibility to service any shipment.

If you are moving a few vials or an entire lab, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to get it done. We can even ship hazardous materials using specialized IATA certified shippers.

Core will handle the entire shipping process and temperature monitor each shipment. Our shipping fleet offers cryogenic hold times ranging from 10 days to 21 days allowing for the safe transportation of important specimens to almost anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Core rents out validated shipping equipment. This is an excellent solution if you already have your own shipper(s) and need additional capacity or if you would like to coordinate the details of your sample transfer.

Quality you can count on:

  • Seamless Process: Core will coordinate every aspect of the shipment to ensure a convenient and stress-free shipment.
  • Non-hazardous Shipments: Our dry vapour shippers meet IATA requirements for non-hazardous shipping unlike shipments using liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
  • Virtual Elimination of Temperature Excursions: Our shippers offer unparalleled temperature stability that is not possible with many alternative shipping solutions (like dry ice).
  • Best-in-class Equipment: Core only uses vapour shippers from Chart MVE, the world leader in cryogenic equipment. These robust units maintain cryogenic temperatures below -150°C for up to 21 days.
  • Certified Staff: Shipping personnel at Core are Saf-T-Pack trained, certified and IATA compliant for the safe transport of biological specimens.
  • Routine Validation: All equipment is validated for performance against manufacturer’s specifications prior to use and on a routine basis.
  • Temperature Management: Each vapour shipper is equipped with a special data-logger to monitor temperature during transit.

For lab relocation or large collection transfers, Core utilizes our pallet size shippers.


  • Cryogenic hold time of 14 or 20 days (<-150°C)
  • Easy to move with pallet jack or forklift
  • MVE 1536PD – Capacity up to 308 standard 2” cryogenic boxes or 30,800 2.0 ml vials
  • Abeyance S840 – Capacity up to 840 standard 2” cryogenic boxes or 84,000 2.0 ml vials

For large transfers Core utilizes the MVE CryoShipper 2000.


  • Cryogenic hold time of 15 days (<-150°C)
  • Capacity for up to 20 2″ boxes or 2,000 2.0 ml vials

For medium sized transfers Core utilizes the MVE CryoShipper and CryoShipper XC.


  • Cryogenic hold time of up to 14 days (<-150°C)
  • Capacity for up to 5  2” boxes or 500 2.0 ml vials
  • CryoShipper XC/IATA is certified for the transfer of Category A and B Dangerous Goods

For small transfers Core utilizes the MVE SC 4/3V and SC 4/2V vapour shippers.


  • Cryogenic hold time of up to 21 days (<-150°C)
  • Capacity for up to 50 2.0 ml vials, 10 canes of vials or straws

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