Build and Design Consulting

Core is an authorized distributor for today’s leading cryobiological equipment manufacturers


Core is an authorized distributor for today’s leading cryobiological equipment manufacturers.

As the only equipment distributor in Canada, which is also an end user, we have a strong understanding of user requirements and biorepositories operations.

Selecting the right products for your application is dependent on many factors including budget, specimen type, projected length of your program, anticipated volume of samples, space constraints, safety, considerations, regulatory and accreditation requirements.  Core can help you navigate through all the critical decision points to ensure your purchase is appropriate.





Design and build biorepositories to meet your specific needs.

We can help you select the correct tanks and layout within your planned repository or rework your existing facility to support your operational needs and transactional activities.

Our team can help plan for expansion and develop usage projections and complete cost-benefit analysis of various storage methods.  We can help you review gas supply options, procure freezers, install your facility, and start-up and commission your repository.

Designing and building liquid nitrogen supply systems with a holistic approach.

We examine the entire application and work with users, architects, gas companies and contractors to ensure systems are designed and installed to meet your specific user requirements.