Core offers clients secure cryogenic storage

Core operates two of the most secure, safe and high quality biorepositories in the World.

Our facilities located in Toronto General Hospital and near Pearson International Airport offer clients unrivalled peace of mind.

We focus on best practice storage services for biological materials. Our experienced staff, dual redundant alarm and monitoring systems, video surveillance, vault like security and robust quality system ensures sample safety 24/7, 365.

Our Toronto facility has been Health Canada inspected and both facilities meet cGMP and cGLP standards. Core adheres to the strict accreditation standards of FACT and follows ISBER best practices. As part of client services, our quality system is routinely audited by accreditation, regulatory, and client auditors.

Core offers clients secure cryogenic storage on per box, per rack or per freezer basis for only as long as needed.

Top reasons clients choose to store at Core:

  1. Most experienced providers of cryogenic solutions in Canada
  2. Premier quality system – documentation – record keeping
  3. High volume quality at low volume price
  4. Ultimate flexibility as projects evolve and change
  5. Focus funds and resources on activity, not equipment purchase and repository maintenance
  6. Need dual redundancy for high value samples
  7. Out of space or shortage of space
  8. Relocating a sample collection
  9. Interim storage solution during construction of new facility
  10. Worry free – stress free, secure, safe storage
At the Toronto General Hospital

Core Cryolab’s vault-like biorepository was built underground at Toronto General Hospital. The facility is connected to the Hospital's emergency back-up power systems for the ultimate in power-out protection.

Near Pearson International Airport in Mississauga

Our second purpose built, state-of-the-art facility was completed at the end of 2020. It has the capacity to house 80 large LN2 freezers which can hold more than nine million 2ml vials of samples.

Safe and Secure

Temperature tracking, local and remote alarm monitoring and video surveillance combined with high security access restrictions, provides a reassuring level of security.

Storage Freezers - Toronto

Chart-MVE storage freezers with -190°C vapour storage environment, 60 degrees below the glass transition temperature. Vapour storage protects samples from cross-contamination and has become an industry standard and best practice. Each freezer holds in excess of 250 litres of liquid nitrogen below the platform for long term cell viability.

Central Supply of Liquid Nitrogen - Mississauga

A 9,000-gallon bulk tanks provides problem free, reliable, on demand liquid nitrogen. This ensures that in the event of a supply disruption, Core has enough LN2 on hand to continue operations.

Central Supply of Liquid Nitrogen - Toronto

A pair of 3000L micro-bulk tanks provides a large supply of LN2 for our Toronto General Hospital Facility.

Chart Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Vacuum Jacketed Pipe is connected from our bulk supply to each freezer for efficient and effective delivery of liquid nitrogen.

MVE CryoCart

CryoCarts provide operator and sample security during transactional activity. Utilized at both of our facilities these cryogenic work surfaces minimize the potential for transient warming events.

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