Freezer Accessories

Core has a wide variety of other accessories for all your Biorepository and Cryogenic needs


Cryogenic gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments. Innovative design offers superior thermal protection, while allowing for a maximum level of flexibility and dexterity.



Cryogenic aprons made by Tempshield, provide a high-level of thermal protection to the torso and upper legs when working in harsh cryogenic atmospheres.


Measuring Sticks:

Made from sturdy yet flexible material, this Chart ruler is used to check the fill level of liquid nitrogen tanks, up to 1 meter.


Liquid Nitrogen Pouring Spouts:

For ease of pouring liquid nitrogen.



Perfect for transferring small quantities of liquid nitrogen from one source to another.


Manual Discharge Devices:

Liquid nitrogen manual discharge device for LAB series liquid nitrogen supply tanks.



This sturdy roller base is designed to make moving your liquid nitrogen tanks and dewars around the room easier.



Canisters come in a variety of sizes and are designed for sample storage and easy sample retrieval.



Reusable polyvinyl chloride sleeve encloses a CryoCane for extra security. They will not become brittle during freezing or thawing.



Aluminum canes hold five 2.0 ml or six 1.2 ml standard cryovials for storage in Bio-Cane systems.


CryoClaw – Cool Reach:

Designed to remove vials and boxes that have fallen from racks and canes in cryogenic vessels or to reach overhead items or retrieve fallen objects between benches and behind instruments.


Phase Separators:

Phase separators deliver a high quality, colder liquid nitrogen by reducing the liquid nitrogen pressure and slowing the liquid nitrogen velocity from the supply line. This provides a lower temperature, increased saturation and pure liquid nitrogen that has fewer gas bubbles in the fluid.


Transfer Hose:

4-6 foot long hose line with liquid nitrogen (LN2) fittings on both ends, surrounded by a heavy outer shell.


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