MVE TEC 3000

The TEC 3000 employs advanced features to monitor and control the environment inside a cryogenic freezer.

TEC 3000

The TEC 3000 controller comes standard with all Chart MVE Stainless Steel Freezers and is also available for certain aluminium models.  It offers industry leading temperature and liquid nitrogen monitoring systems with user defined options for automatic liquid nitrogen level control.  These parameters include: Low Level Alarms, Low Level Fill Point, High Level Fill Point, and High Level Alarms.  In addition there are a total of 17 user defined alarms, which alert technicians to any potential or developing problems with the freezer that can be monitored remotely. Additional alarms include: High Temperatures, Low Temperatures, High Level, Low Level, Liquid Usage, Maximum Fill Time, Gas Bypass, Temperature Calibrations, Low Battery, Power Failure, Lid Open and Communication Loss.

The innovative gas bypass feature allows the system to vent warm nitrogen gas from the supply line before initiating a freezer fill.  This ensures that warm gas does not enter the freezer and improves temperature and sample stability.

The TEC 3000 stores vital unalterable, time-stamped data in nonvolatile memory.  This is an excellent tool for assessing freezer performance and troubleshooting any problems.  With the ability to store up to 30,000 events the controller has an estimated 10 year storage capacity. The data includes time-stamped temperatures, liquid nitrogen (LN2) level, liquid usage, and any alarm or event.


  • Liquid nitrogen level measurement
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen level control
  • Monitors liquid nitrogen usage
  • Temperature measurement with up to two independent sensors
  • User defined alarms alert of potential or developing problems
  • Global Remote Alarm Relay allows for remote alarm monitoring
  • Hot gas bypass: vents warm nitrogen gas from the supply line before initiating a freezer fill, improving sample stability
  • Event log tracks all freezer functions and stores up to 30,000 data points (estimated 10 years of capacity)
  • Password security
  • Optional battery back-up

Chart MVE TEC 3000 Specifications

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