MVE Fusion

The world's first self-sustaining cryogenic freezer

Introducing the Chart MVE Fusion, a refrigerated liquid-based bio-storage freezer, similar in appearance and design to an MVE HEco.

The MVE Fusion requires no ongoing LN2 supply during normal operations, making it perfect for remote locations, isolated rooms, high elevation facilities, and facilities without vacuum jacketed piping infrastructure.

The freezer is equipped with a pressure vessel full of LN2. As the LN2 evaporates the Fusion’s Q-Drive Liquefaction system compresses the expanded gas back into liquid. This closed system allows the unit to continuously reuse the same LN2 supply to cool the freezer.

The Q-Drive system has no moving parts. It utilizes acoustic drives to force helium through a series of chambers to compress the expanded LN2 gas. The result is an extremely reliable system that has been used for decades by the military and for other scientific applications.

The freezer is powered by a standard 110-120V outlet and uses 6 times less energy than the leading -150˚C mechanical freezer. If the power supply is removed the Fusion will maintain a temperature below -150˚C for 7 days.

  • Self-sustaining LN2 system
  • Dry sample storage
  • Lowest liftover height
  • Two tier folding step
  • Top box storage between -160˚C to -175˚C
  • Touch screen controller

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