Racks, Boxes & Cassettes

Core is able to supply every type of inventory system for cryogenic freezes to meet your storage needs. 

We have standard racking options for upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters, cassettes, frames, boxes and dividers.  Core can supply custom inventory systems to meet the requirements of your laboratory and cryogenic freezing needs.


In addition to standard racking systems, Core can work with your team and our manufacturer to design racks to meet the demanding needs of today’s biorepositories.  Over the course of the last decade we have supplied many different styles of racking systems that were custom designed to improve handling techniques, reduce the time required to remove samples from storage and minimize sample exposure to transient warming events.


Cassettes are ideal for cryogenically storing blood, blood components and bone marrow.  Core offers an extensive selection of cassettes as well as canisters, frames and dividers to support your cassette based storage system.  These systems are designed to maximize storage capacity and protect sample integrity.


Boxes offer a compact storage solution for all sizes of vials.  Core offers a variety of box sizes and construction materials from plastic to cardboard.  Boxes are a safe cost efficient way to store your vials in any cryogenic environment.


  • Spring clips on racks to replace locking rods: Hold boxes firmly in place, but without the hassle of locking rods
  • Raised rack handles: Make it easier to grip the handles while wearing bulky cryogenic gloves
  • Stainless steel or aluminum construction

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