Chart MVE IVF Freezers

The Chart MVE In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Freezers are specially designed for the IVF industry.

The freezers have an innovative two level storage system which offers convenient sample access and large capacity for 0.5 ml straws (up to 35,650). Optimized for storing either directly in liquid nitrogen or in liquid nitrogen vapour phase, the IVF series offers consistent -190°C storage.

With 10 times the capacity of the IVF community’s most commonly used cryogenic freezer (the MVE XC 47/11), the fully automated MVE 816P-2T is the perfect solution for clinics that want to streamline their biorepository.

  • Specially designed for the IVF community
  • Ideal for storing large quantities of 0.5 ml straws
  • Large liquid nitrogen (LN2) capacity
  • Consistent -190 temperatures throughout freezer in liquid or vapour storage
  • 2 level system maximizes capacity while minimizing freezer footprint
  • Optional Tec 3000 controller with autofill and temperature monitoring system
  • Optional Step

Chart MVE 816P 2T specs

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