MVE CryoCart

Transporting large quantities of samples in your facility

The Chart MVE CryoCart is the ideal sample handling system for working with cryogenically frozen biological samples.

The CryoCart serves as a portable workbench and provides a safe and controlled environment for loading samples into canes, boxes, frames or racks.  The CryoCart has an optional liquid nitrogen transfer hose connection for safe charging and will hold a cryogenic charge for up to eight hours with the lid off and 18 hours with the lid on. This makes it the perfect piece of cryogenic equipment for transporting large quantities of samples in your facility.

  • Approximate hold time: eight hours with lid off; 18 hours with lid on
  • Omega temperature monitor with type T Thermocouple
  • Traceable calibration certificate with RS232 PC interface
  • Liquid Nitrogen transfer hose connection with ball valve and relief valve
  • Available without temperature recorder and plumbing

Chart MVE Cryo Cart Specs

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