Brooks BioStore III Cryo -190°C

Automated Cryogenic Storage

When the industry leaders in cold storage robotics and cryogenic storage systems partner the result is revolutionary.

Introducing the new Brooks / Chart MVE BioStore III. This unique product offers by the box automation and a state of the art inventory tracking system at a fraction of the cost of most automated cryogenic freezers.

BioStore III offers biorepositories improved cold chain custody management and a superior user experience. The easy access to samples minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries and eliminates the challenges posed by lifting racks out of more traditional freezers. Its advanced software allows lab managers to view their inventories and audit trails in real time while offering a higher level of sample safety and security than traditional cryogenic freezers.

An insulated sleeve retrieves and protects samples to ensure they are kept below the glass transition phase (-135°C). In case of emergency automation can be easily uncoupled from the system for manual access. Like all Chart MVE freezers, the BioStore III offers excellent hold times, if the liquid nitrogen supply is disrupted it can maintain a temperature below the glass transition phase for over 20 days. Core Cryolab holds the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for the BioStore III.

  • Fully automated sample retrieval – no lifting required
  • Dry samples - liquid nitrogen vapour storage
  • Consistent -190°C temperatures throughout freezer
  • Outstanding ergonomics to minimize risk of user injury
  • High capacity - holds up to 252 cryo boxes (25,200 2.0ml vials)
  • The industry’s most cost-effective cryogenic automation
  • The BioStore software offers some of the most comprehensive inventory and reporting systems available
  • Anytime manual access - the perfect back-up solution

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