CryoPod & Filling Station

CryoPod Carrier and Automatic Filling Station


The portable CryoPod carrier enables safe sample transportation for over 4 hours at -150° C or colder. It is the perfect tool for extending the cryogenic cold chain throughout the lab, campus, and metro areas.   The CryoPod maintains cryogenic temperatures using liquid nitrogen in vapor phase and has been designed to ensure there is no user or sample contact with the liquid nitrogen.

The CryoPod carrier integrates visual temperature monitoring plus audible and visual alarms.  These can be programmed so that the system warns if conditions exceed user-defined limits. With integrated monitoring and data logging the CryoPod logs temperature, date, time, alarms, and all events during transport. At less than 20 pounds the system offers a compact solution for quick and easy sample transport.

ISBER_OutstandingProduct_2015_200The CryoPod won the ISBER 2015 New Product of the Year award!  It earned this for fulfilling a common, but unmet need withing the biobanking industry – biospecimen preservation and management.  No longer will researchers and clinicians have to rely on cumbersome, improvised, or potentially unsafe transport methods, such as heavy liquid nitrogen (LN2) shippers or homemade carriers, to handle and transport their cryogenic biospecimens.


Automatic Filling Station

The fully automatic filling station safely recharges the CryoPod’s LN2 supply in 10 minutes or less. With a single push-button filling process, the filling station eliminates any user interaction with LN2 and offers a safe and easy charging solution. Users can simply load a CryoPod in the filling station, press “start,” and in minutes the carrier is cryogenically charged and ready to transport samples. It can also be used to maintaining the CryoPod’s charge, allowing for on demand use. The CryoPod filling station can be installed on a lab bench and connected to almost any LN2 supply.

  • Holds cryogenic samples safely at -150° C or colder for over 4 hours
  • Integrated temperature monitoring and alarms
  • Data logging: date, time, temperature, and all events
  • Lightweight and compact design allows for easy sample transport
  • Samples and users do not come in contact with liquid nitrogen
  • Optional fully automatic filling station - charges CryoPod in less than 10 minutes

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